Friday, March 18, 2011

Spirit Week is over

Okay, so here's Rockstar day:

There were a lot of different influences going on here.  Don't ask about the hair--it's floppier than I wanted it.
(Skirt was on the clearance rack for $6 at Forever 21.  I would never pay anymore for a cheap, faux pleather, gold, tiered miniskirt. Ever.)
International Day, which was also St. Patrick's day, I went French:

And at the Pep Assembly, I was made into an ice cream sunday because I'm the class president.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of having chocolate sauce drip down your face. Or of finding sprinkles in your belly button.
If you'll notice, I sewed together pink, brown and white shirts to make a Neopolitan Ice Cream shirt! :)

Ah well, the things I'll do for spirit points!

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