Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hats off!

I have been dying to make these forever! Ever since I saw them on Bakerella and Martha Stewart, Hi Hat Cupcakes have been my goal.
They are just chocolate cupcakes (I used a mix) and meringue frosting. The recipe is on Martha Stewart's website. My suggestion is to not put in the almond extract--it gives a weird flavor.
I bought this cool frosting piping tube from Wilton at Michael's that came with all these different tips, so I just used the big round one and piped on a bunch of frosting. You have to put them in the freezer right away so that the frosting doesn't slide and turn into a blob.
Then, dip them in the chocolate!
Go fast so that the frosting doesn't fall off.
After being in the freezer...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Most Recent Endeavor

Made this dress for whatever reason...coupled with my chronic fabric buying problem, I also have a chronic dress making problem.
It's Simplicity 2209 that I modified to have a shorter skirt, lower back, and bow.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Circle Skirt!!

Circle skirt instructions:
This actually uses quite a bit of math!
1. Measure your waist--this is the circumfrence.
2. Using the formula C=2(pi)(r), solve for the radius.
3. Fold the fabric in half again (after the fold it comes with from the store). In the corner where all edges are folded, mark a quarter circle with that radius.
4. Whatever you want the length to be, mark a larger quarter circle in addition the radius. (If the skirt is supposed to be 20" long, add 20" to the radius--don't start at the corner.)
5.  It's probably wise to give your self a bit of extra room at the top so you can get it on.
6. Whatever your circumfrence is, make a waistband of the same length (plus a little bit extra for the seam). This is where the elastic goes.
7. That's pretty much it, besides the hem.
Hint: It's probably best to use 60 in wide fabric, otherwise, you'll end up with a 10 in long skirt or something.

Easy, cute, and twirly!