Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ladybug cupcakes!

Spent wayyyy too long decorating these. Totally worth it though!
To make ladybug wings, you slice off the top of the cupcake above the wrapper (if they bake tall enough) then cut it in half. The ones on the top right rack are sliced. As you can see, I used my favorite  marshmallow-butter frosting and cool neon food coloring that I got at Michaels!
In progress.

All done! Licorice for antennae and M&Ms for the head. I suppose you could also use gumdrops or something else.

The interesting thing about the cake part is that I used a Betty Crocker mix and a Jiffy mix to get to 36 cupcakes. I just mixed them all in the same bowl and they came out sooo good and fluffy! Weird because the Betty Crocker needed oil and the Jiffy didn't.  I'm going to start doing this more often!
Almost too hot for cupcakes...nah, it's never too hot for cupcakes!
Happy summer baking!

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