Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter

First up, my Fleur costume for the Harry Potter premier!

Oh! Look at me I look just like Clemence Poesy! Just kidding, those are my comparison pictures. Below are my costume pics:

The dress is a modified version of Simplicity 2246, and the capelet is kind of like the circle skirt that I made (look at me, I'm so cool I can link within my own blog), except that it is a half circle and a lined it with dark blue. The collar was my own design! The hat is a beret, because, umm, that hat from the movie wasn't going to happen. I got the beret pattern out of a book called "Simple Sewing with a French Twist."

The picture on top is me and my best friend, who sadly, was not as enthused about Harry Potter as I was. Then again, I was very enthused. Five people whom I did not know asked to take a picture with me!

The wand is the last picture. I cut it to exactly "nine and a half inches" just like J.K. Rowling specified! Ummm...probably shouldn't admit that in public...

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