Monday, September 19, 2011

jeans, Jeans, JEANS!

Oh hey cool jeans, neat color...what? They cost $158??? Looks like I'll be making my own...
James Jeans, $158 @ Piperlime                                   Gap Corduroy leggings, $60

Totally loved this color, but the only way to get it without spending alot of money was to dye my own!
First, went to Kohls, where I picked up some $12.99 grey clearance jeans!
Then, I went to JoAnns, where I picked up RIT dye in three colors, and color remover.  The color remover did not work very well, as you can tell in the picture below...
Still gray...
So we went to bleach!
I used an entire package of the orange, half brown, and about a quarter of the red.
We have one of those new washers that you can't do the machine dye in, so we mixed it in the laundry tub.
And, after about an hour maybe we wrung and washed them. (I was getting impatient.)
Ta dah!

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