Monday, June 18, 2012

Prom dress!

'Bout time I finally got around to putting this up!

I was having a hard time deciding what to do for prom. Nothing really was sticking out to me. I knew I wanted to do a tea-length dress, but I wasn't sure on how to do the bodice. Thankfully, my InStyle magazine came just in time, and as I was flipping through, I saw this Elie Saab dress that Emma Watson wore. PERFECT!

Off to the fabric store, and $80 later...
(With the besties.)

The bodice front is from Vogue 8280. It is a lace overlay on a satin. I did the satin and bodice lining on the machine, but I handstitched the lace on.
The skirt was just layers and layers of tulle (and an underskirt). I had seven layers--six navy blue tulle, and one sparkly silver.
(Also, if you look closely, you'll see my Nicki Minaj for OPI nailpolish!!!)

Here's the back of the bodice. I am sooo happy with how this turned out! I was worried about it gapping and not laying right, but it worked out perfect. I designed the pattern for the back myself!


  1. Your dress is beautiful. it reaaly fits you.

    1. I just saw your comment...thank you so much :)

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  3. I thought it's the same with Emma's! I miss attending proms and wearing prom dresses long island way back in high school. Oh, did I just say I missed schooling?