Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sun's out, sew's out

Summer vacation! Let's get down to business!
I came home from my first year at college, and apart from immediately realizing how much I already missed campus and friends, I realized how much stuff I had! Specifically, how many clothes I had! Naturally, this led to a three day cleaning spree in which no drawer, cabinet, box, shelf or dark corner of the closet was safe. I came up with four bags of clothes to donate. That was just my room. Then on to the sewing room, where I filled two huge bags with fabric scraps to donate as well.

In the process, I also came across some less than stellar creations of mine, the creations that came up short...the clothes I made without the right materials, without the right effort, or really just without thought. Nevertheless, they (and some other garments) will be saved!

First up:
I love the seersucker, and the buttons, but the fit in the bodice is so wrong! (I guess that's what happens when you use a children's sewing pattern...)

Eww...not really sure what's going on here. For graduation, we wore light blue gowns, and I needed something that wouldn't show underneath. Pretty sure that I finished this to wear under my gown with about 30 minutes til show time (that would explain the awfulness here).

I actually really like this dress and the fabric, but there is a bit of a fit issue at the waist that I want to fix in order to make it more wearable.

 Also like this dress, but I hardly ever wear it because it is too tall in the shoulders!
 Oh, hello trendy hi-lo skirt...
While I am pretty happy with how this turned out sans pattern, the waist band is pretty wonky.

Eww what is going on here?
 This was my 1920s Murder Mystery Dress! Which I loved, but is in desperate need of some darts.
 I didn't actually make this dress, but it is too long, and has some easily solved fit issues to make it more wearable.
 I made this dress for Student Council Elections freshman year! Needless to say it is in some need of updating...

 Buying vintage always seems like a good idea...and then you never wear any of it! This (lime green!?) skirt is an example of a courageous vintage purchase. Needs to be shortened to be wearable!

 And this just needs to change.

Oh hello, serger that I have never used before! Maybe this summer is the time to actually learn how to use you!

I'll be updating with finished versions of those projects, not to mention new ones! I already have a stack of fabric waiting to be transformed, and I haven't even been to JoAnns yet!

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