Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surf 'n Turf

Bear with me on the title of this post, IT'S FUNNY I PROMISE.

So I've had this photo saved in my computer for an eon (actually since 2009, so yeah, an eon), wanting/waiting to do a scalloped edge on something. 
At the beginning of this summer, I wanted to make a simple chambray skirt for general frolicking-around-eating-ice-cream-summer-fun purposes. What better way to incorporate the scalloped edge than to give this chambray some oomph!

Here's a look at the process:

First I made the skirt (cut (knee length) x (waist times 1.5 or 2) rectangle) and put the elastic in. You'll either want to cut the skirt about two inches longer, or cut a separate band of fabric for the scallop effect. I chose to cut a separate band because it actually used less fabric because of how I cut the skirt.
So then, measure the hem of the skirt. Mine was 45" around. I decided to do 3 inch scallops since it divides evenly (MATH + FASHION IS MY FAVORITE). I used this handy circle cutter that I have for scrapbooking to cut a three inch circle. Then fold the circle in half to get the semi-circle scallop, and trace onto cardstock a few times for a template.

Next trace the cardstock onto the band or hem.
Sew along the lines, pivoting where each scallop meets. (I messed up on the tracing, which is why I have two sets of lines.)
 Trim the seam, and snip the corners. Then turn the band to the inside and press out. Voila, scallop edge! (To finish the hem on the inside/prevent fraying, I used iron-on hemtape! Totally cheating, but so fast! Mwa ha ha.)

The finished product:

I did a little embroidery along the bottom too!

It was raining the day of these pictures, hence the umbrella.
See, now the title of this post is funny because: rain = surf, scallops (like the seafood) = turf. Except scallops are really the surf in surf 'n turf.
WHATEVER. It was funnier in my head.