Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Sailor

Ah, summer. Undoubtedly my favorite time of year--more so now that summer means being home from college with family and friends. Perhaps it's Tim Allen's voice in your ear rasping about "Pure Michigan" or the deeply ingrained desire in every Michigander to go "Up North" (Where? Up North, duh. Stupid question.) but seriously, I love summer. I literally cannot eat enough ice cream.

This was a dress I made a year or two ago, but the fit was wrong on it. It was from a Lizzie McGuire pattern, so there's your answer. But the fabric (blue and white stripe seersucker) and buttons were so cute! 
 So I rescued it into a simple sailor skirt!
 I basically just took the bodice off, chopped a few inches off the hem, and added plackets (cut on the bias).

On a side note: if I hear that Kid Rock "All Summer Long" song ONE MORE TIME...

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