Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bean Bag Swag

So basically we have the Room of all Rooms at college this year. Starting with these spectacular bean bag chairs!

These are from a pattern I created myself.

You'll need:
1 yd. contrast fabric
2 yds main fabric (more for 45" wide fabric)
An old sheet or two
Bean bag filling (if making bean bags the same size as mine, use 1.5 bags of fill per chair)
22 in zipper (optional

Top: Cut 1 - 25" x 25" of contrast
Sides: Cut 4 - 25" x 18" of main
Bottom: Cut 2 - 25" x 16" of main
Pocket: Cut 1 - 13" x 10" of contrast
Handle: Cut 1 - 10" x 4"
(Cut same except for pocket and handle out of an old sheet for the lining bag.)

These measurements can all be adjusted depending on the size of bean bag you want.

1. Hem upper edge of pocket, press in pocket edges, center pocket on one side panel.

2. Fold handle piece in half, right sides together, sew and turn inside out. Turn ends in, pin to center of side panel. Box stitch ends.

3. For envelope opening bottom: hem one long edge of each bottom piece, and overlap pieces by about 4". Stitch, reinforcing at opening.

4. For zipper bottom: center zipper between two bottom halves.

5.  Stitch fabric together above and below zipper (such that there is an opening the length of the zipper).
6. Stitch zipper in to opening.

8. Repeat similar process, cutting same pieces for a lining bag from old sheet/old fabric. This way, the filling can be sewn shut inside a separate bag, and the cover can be taken off to wash.

9. Fill lining bag about 1/3 of way, then stuff inside of cover. (This is a two person job.)
10. Finish filling the lining bag while it is inside the bean bag cover, then sew lining bag shut. This is difficult to do with the bag full, so you may lose some beans in the process. 

Here's what they look like!

Envelope closure

Zipper closure
 Good for foot rests and lounging!

Now that I'm back at school, my blogging will be sporadic at best. I do have a pile of projects to work on though, so I'll definitely post when they're finished.


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  2. These are so cool, if I had my own place I would definitely make some :)

  3. Woah cant wait try!! Great job There!

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