Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Llama Poms

Hello llamas!
Not really sure if the inspiration came from llamas, or if I thought of the llamas afterward, but I believe my latest (false--had this done months ago) creation is llama approved!

The idea stemmed from this necklace in Lucky magazine:
To make:
2 skeins of embroidery floss for each tassel

I am realizing that this process very much resembles mitosis (name the phase!):
Start with the two side by side. Pull off about 12 in from each to use for tying.
 Cut them in half...

 Unfold and tie together at the center (okay, this is really the only part that looks like mitosis).
Then, collect all the ends, tie a band around the top, and trim the ends even. Voila!
You'll then need another piece of embroidery floss for the necklace, and some beads. I tied knots before and after the beads so they didn't move around.

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