Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Weaves Are Changing

Hellloooooo blogosphere! I AM alive!
School has been incredibly busy this year, but I am loving it! I still have time to sew...but no time to take pictures. There's like 6 six things that I've made but not documented...wah wah.

This scarf is a project for a Woven Textiles class that I am taking this semester. This class is seriously the BOMB. We just weave things. It is great. I've never woven before so it's a really cool experience! It's good to have a class like this as a break from all the math.

For this project, we were learning about ikat dyeing. We wound 5 warps each of two inches, and then used plastic to tie off sections of the yarn to resist dye. The white spots are where the plastic was. I chose to dye mine yellow, because yellow = happiness, duh. I wove it with a white weft. Then I added all the different colored tassels to spice it up a bit! I think it has a little bit of a South American flair, which was totally unintentional but I love it! In total there are 60 tassels in 10 different colors.

Many thanks to my amazing roommate for taking these photos :)

p.s. I cut my hair! Nine inches off that I donated.

Happy Fall! 


  1. Cute new hair! And I love that your scarf matches your blog background :)

  2. Hi Dana!!
    Ohh that scarf is so pretty! Im in love with all those colors.
    Your new hair style is great too!
    Lovely blog, Xo, Elba @