Friday, November 29, 2013


This has got to be one of my most favorite creations ever. As I was putting it together (and simultaneously freaking out) my roommate was seriously concerned for my sanity.

In my weaving class this semester, our most recent assignment was to do pattern weaving (close up of the pattern at the bottom), so I decided to turn my piece of woven material into a cardigan.

The woven piece was about 2 yards long by 15 inches wide. I drafted the pattern for the cardigan myself. It has raglan sleeves, which is what gives the front panels drape. I sewed the woven panels onto the sleeve opening and side edge as if it were straight, so when worn it folds down. I truly believe that this was a serendipitous project: I drafted and sewed the cardigan without regards to the length of my woven panel, then I cut the woven piece in half and hemmed the edges. When I sewed the woven panel to the sweater pieces, it fit absolutely perfectly, without any planning! Pure serendipity.

I ordered this sweater knit from for the cardigan.

 Here you can get a little idea of how it was constructed.

This shows some detail of the raglan sleeves. In addition to the raglan sleeves, I added cuffs/bands on the neck, sleeve edges, and bottom edge to retain shape.

A close up of the weaving.

I am going to be so sad when I don't have my weaving class next semester!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Knit Knack

Knitting knitting bo bitting fee fi fo fitting, KNITTING! 

It has been an insanely long time since I've knitted. I usually prefer sewing since the gratification is more instant. When we were up north this summer though, we went to this tiny yarn shop near Torch Lake and I found this absolutely glorious yarn. The lime green and purple got me hook line and sinker (geddit, because it was near a lake...and fishing...).

However, in true Dana fashion, I neglected to check my gauge on this yarn and wound up with a scarf twice as long as intended and half as wide!

I knitted it in seed stitch on circular needles (I heart circular needles). Loving how the striping worked out!
And around...
And around and around [everybody's movin', everybody's groovin' baby]!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wowzer Trousers

Ta da! I've had these wide leg trousers done for a while now, but finally got around to posting them. Two things I have observed from wearing them to class:

1. They are by far the most comfortable pants ever.
2. They are way cooler than any of my classmates's pants ;)

I used this pattern from BurdaStyle, and this fabric from The fabric is a cotton rayon blend. Originally, I was looking for something a little more silky, but I'm glad I ended up with this since they can be worn more casually. Buying fabric online is tricky...I wasn't entirely sure what I would be getting, but am happy with the flowy weight of this cut!

 How beautiful are these fall colors? (Although I must say, Michigan has still got Indiana beat in this area.)

Pockets, front pleats, and a side zip! How cool is it that the pattern matched up across the front?

Thanks again to my roommate for the pics :)