Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No(time for sewing)vember

Oh hello blogosphere...I am still here! Unfortunately, homework is too so there hasn't been much time for creation. Some life as of late:

For Halloween I was a Pocket full of Sunshine!

I have so much great fabric to dig into, but haven't found the time! Fashion Show production is getting started, so I'll have that to share soon as well.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New School

Since fifth grade, I've always made a "First Day of School" outfit. Fifth grade was a pair of hot pink capri pants, sixth grade was a butterfly print tunic, eight grade was a fuchsia linen skirt, and so on. Naturally, Junior year of college is no different!

I bought this cut of fabric at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago last winter. My mom, my uncle, and the employee all thought the pattern looked like footprints and discouraged the purchase (mom and uncle, not the employee) but I knew it would look good! HA. The fabric is denim and velvet.

I used Vogue 1247 which was super quick and easy to sew, and required no fit adjustments. Sophie's sweet version inspired me to use this pattern.

The color of the denim is closest to the top picture, but this shows the pattern better.

This is neither the first nor the last time I will rave about skirts with pockets in them. Skirts with pockets are the best!

At this point, one of the other halls was playing Taylor Swift's new song very naturally I had to dance. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate...

New semester, new skirt! Welcome back y'all. I'm a Resident Assistant this year, so I can't wait to share some of the projects I've been working on with my community!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Paisley Occasion

This was the dress I made to wear to my cousin's wedding at the beginning of the summer (Yay congratulations!). Although not typically a hateful person, the following is a list of things I hate:
  1. Paisley print
  2. Wide ruled notebooks
  3. Comic Sans font
  4. Misogyny
  5. Shoveling snow
This isn't really paisley? Right? Right? Okay fine. Despite a hatred for paisley, here I am wearing a paisley print dress that I actually really like! The gold foil is what really sold me.

 The bodice is Simplicity 1651, and the skirt is from Simplicity 2209. The top fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer poly of some kind and the whole dress is lined in a turquoise/teal/jade colored satin.

For a little extra pizzazz I added this trim to the waist. I believe that it came from the Textile Discount Outlet in Chicago (if y'all haven't been, go--it's life changing).

Back to school next week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cream of the Crop

An Ode to Crop Tops

"You're it, You're the Ultimate,
It's automatic I'm sure of it.
No lie, So don't even try
To tell me that you're not the guy.
Cuz I've been waiting all my life for someone just like you,
But you're it..You're the Ultimate you."

I'm quite positive that this song was not actually about Chad Michael Murray, but rather a crop top. Why else would you rock this hard?

This matching crop-top-skirt-combo IS the ultimate. It's the outfit that you never knew you needed until you realize that it's literally perfect for every life situation: school, shopping, going to the bank, scuba diving, cooking dinner, riding horses, hanging out with friends, getting your hair dyed pink...

Both the pattern for the top and the skirt are my own. AND the skirt has pockets. Every single skirt wearing person I've ever talked to has expressed that dresses/skirts with pockets are the best thing ever. Why do dresses/skirts even come pocket-less any more?

Bernadette's is the place to BE!

I found these sweet little hexagon beads to sew around the neck edge. I love the fabric, but felt like it needed a little more pizzazz.

Thanks to Mel for the photos and Jenna for the rocking hair do!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Snap, Crackle, Poppies

This fabric makes me so happy! I wanted to make a garment that showcased as much of the print as possible--one wrap dress, with extra fabulousness please!

Maxi-dresses and I have a love-hate thing going on, but I love a tea length dress. I drafted the skirt pattern without regards to how much fabric there was, and it fit perfectly. Any longer and there wouldn't have been enough. Serendipitous sewing, I suppose.

The bodice is modified from this Burda Style pattern. I left out the front piece, and just did the wrap fronts and back piece, modifying the shoulders for the ties.

Bonus: me smashing a bug on my forehead.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cut it out

First things first (I'm the realest): I have a confession to make. This dress was pretty heavily based on a Kate Spade Saturday dress, but not wanting to pay that price I made my own version.

That aside, it's time to toot my own horn: I love how this came out! I spent a long time getting the construction right, and I am very proud of the result.

The bodice is modified from Simplicity 1419 (took out the long dart, changed neckline, added triangle cut out) and the skirt is from Burda Style (free if you are a magazine subscriber!). I added the waistband piece. Whaddya know--making a muslin is actually worth it. Ha.

The fabric is cotton denim, and the bodice is lined in light weight chambray.

Isn't this chalkboard great? People wrote all kinds of great things on it: paying off student loans, not utilizing my college degree, spiders, that homophobia will not stop, surprises, etc. I really value collaborative art projects like this that pull out the collective consciousness of a community--we are not alone in our fears. We took these pictures after it had rained, so some of the fears have started to wash away.

Last pic = be goofy. Let's just talk for a moment about how great my hair looks here. ;)

Inside pics! I was just so proud of the construction that I wanted to share it. The skirt seams are all turned in and stitched flat, both to finish the seam and to provide decorative top stitching. The armholes are bound in me-made bias tape.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sun stripes

A quick post today:

As usual, not wanting to spend lots of money for RTW clothes led to me making a similar version (for half the price).

Here's the dress I wanted, from Threads 4 Thought.

Using V1315 (I modified to have shorter sleeves, merged the skirt and bodice, and widened the skirt) I created my own version! The fabric was carefully sourced from Hart's Fabric.

Big sewing weekend planned--can't wait to share the results!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I'm definitely having some grandiose visions of having a super hippie introspective summer where I just read and sew and live the dream (when I'm not doing my data analysis internship). Cue pic-nic blanket.

The cool thing about this project is that I didn't buy a single thing new to make this blanket! All of it is leftover fabric and thread from my stash and other random things.

I have less than zero patience for quilting, so rather than measuring everything out I just started cutting random sized squares of leftover fabric (they're all cotton-ish) and laying them out to achieve a more random effect. 

I was originally planning on buying batting to put in between the two layers to give it a little substance, but then my mom reminded me of this wonderful (hideous) fleece cowgirl blanket someone had gifted me so I chopped that up instead for the inner layer.

It had to be pieced together a little bit. The back layer is a map-of-the-world fabric panel I've had for ages surrounded by an old plaid shower curtain.

Then, I sandwiched the fleece between the two layers and used leftover bias tape to bind the edges.

Lastly, I tacked the layers together with leftover embroidery floss in little xes at the intersections of different fabrics.

One of my favorite parts is how the xes show through like "X Marks the Spot" on the map!

My current read is The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer--would definitely recommend. (It was actually a gift that I bought for a friend's birthday so that I could read shame.)

It's summertime y'all!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top Toile Topper

If I do say so myself, this piece is a home run! I'm so pleased with the result. This jacket is a modified version of McCalls 6710; I changed it to be a button front, and made it less baggy. I am absolutely in love with this fabric!

The first day I wore this, I had a really excellent exchange with this random dude on campus:
Random dude: HEY! I like your jacket!
Me: Thanks!
Random dude: Is that like a waterproof one?
Me: Oh, I don't know...
Random dude: Well what brand is it??
Me: I actually made it!
Random dude: Woah no way! Are you like a fashion major or something?
Me: I am!

And then later another friend asked me where I bought it! Haha. I love people.

My inspiration was this jacket from the Electric Feathers Spring 2014 collection

My roommate and I were trying to sneak into a greenhouse in order to take these pictures--fortunately we ran into a professor who let us in to hers.

Happy spring, y'all!