Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cream of the Crop

An Ode to Crop Tops

"You're it, You're the Ultimate,
It's automatic I'm sure of it.
No lie, So don't even try
To tell me that you're not the guy.
Cuz I've been waiting all my life for someone just like you,
But you're it..You're the Ultimate you."

I'm quite positive that this song was not actually about Chad Michael Murray, but rather a crop top. Why else would you rock this hard?

This matching crop-top-skirt-combo IS the ultimate. It's the outfit that you never knew you needed until you realize that it's literally perfect for every life situation: school, shopping, going to the bank, scuba diving, cooking dinner, riding horses, hanging out with friends, getting your hair dyed pink...

Both the pattern for the top and the skirt are my own. AND the skirt has pockets. Every single skirt wearing person I've ever talked to has expressed that dresses/skirts with pockets are the best thing ever. Why do dresses/skirts even come pocket-less any more?

Bernadette's is the place to BE!

I found these sweet little hexagon beads to sew around the neck edge. I love the fabric, but felt like it needed a little more pizzazz.

Thanks to Mel for the photos and Jenna for the rocking hair do!

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