Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Girl Gang: Look 3

My last look for my major's 2015 Fashion Show is a repurposed piece. One of our requirements was to show a "sustainability" look. This could be re-purposed clothing, garments made from atypical materials, a piece made from recycled objects, etc. At the theater department's costume sale I found this dress--loved the fabric, hated the cut.

Blah! And this is POST sleeve removal. 
My friend My-Lea is an Environmental and Ecological Engineering major. Who better to model a sustainable piece?

Tuning in late? Check out my Inspiration, Look 1 and Look 2.

Next I'll be posting about the dress I wore to the show!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girl Gang: Look 2

My second look for my major's 2015 Fashion Show was fitted crop pants and a blouse.

I'm so proud of these pants--I think the fit and print are killer. I wish I could find more of this fabric!

Kris nails it.

The angled hem is my favorite part.
Details: Peter pan collar, key hole, raglan sleeve.

Tuning in late? Check out Inspiration and Look 1.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Girl Gang: Look 1

My first look for my major's 2015 Fashion Show was a princess seamed dress with a full skirt and asymmetrical hem.

My favorite part of this dress is the fabric. It is a silk mesh fused to a neoprene knit--super cool, and very unusual/unique. In my frugalness, I only purchased a yard and a half. I was able to just barely eek it out after adjusting my pattern and doing some creative cutting.

Afton killed it on the runway.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Girl Gang: Inspiration

Saturday was my major's fashion show, in which I presented three looks. My overarching idea was to create a Girl Gang. 

These are the girls who are cool and they know it. They don't take no for an answer, but they expect others to. They don't make a lot of money, but they make a lot of change.

Here's to the girls who will change the world, and look damn good while doing so.

Today I'll post some inspiration images, and each day this week I'll publish a post for each look.

Unfortunately I didn't keep track of the sources on many of these photos.

via The Selvage Yard

Chrissie White
via Weird Vintage
Clarks ad

This Girl Gang is about to take over the world.