Monday, September 12, 2016

Indigo skirt

Oooh I love this skirt! I drafted this pattern myself - gathered at the front between the pockets, and the back waist band is elasticized. The fabric is a really soft and drapey rayon from JoAnns. It looks like it was hand dyed or something, but alas it's as mass produced as any other fabric.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

White on white

Since moving to DC (and graduating from college) I've had so much time to make things! There are a lot of things (friends, dining courts) I miss about college, but the never ending work/late night studying is not one of them.

I made this shirt after browsing the Anthropologie sale section (a dangerous place). I love how it turned out - it will be perfect for the swampy DC heat. The base is Burda Style 114, which I modified to have a lapel collar and rounded pockets.

$50 by Anthro, $8 by me

Thanks to my housemate Deb for the great photos!