Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I've been trying to focus on being more intentional with my sewing - using better and more sustainable materials, buying only what I need, focusing on fit, and making more clothes that I will wear every day rather than special occasions. So for this fall, I designed a wardrobe that could be worn with each other and would fit in with clothes I already own.

Here's a peek at the planning.

The striped t-shirt is my own pattern, and the pants are Seamwork's Moji pants.

 The jacket is my own pattern (check out those drop shoulders and welt pockets!!), the top is from Burda Style, and the skirt is my own pattern.

 Ooooh this jacket is my favorite! I love how it turned out. It's a Burda Style pattern, but I modified the length and fit. The sleeve heads really make the difference here. See how they pop?!

DC is so pretty in the fall. This week has been rough on women, people of color, immigrants, and Muslims (among others) and the afternoons have a warm golden light that makes it feel like some day, one day everything will be right.